"What sets you apart is your continued guidance on patient notes and practicing at the facility until we take the test."
- Dr Dasan M





More than 6 years, 2,000 plus students, 95% pass rate; we believe in our program. It's been a passion for us to prepare our students to be successful in their test and beyond.


We prepare you for ICE, CIS, and SEP. You will learn how every component of the test is graded, what the standardized patients evaluate and how to write excellent patient notes.


Sessions includes an introduction to the Step 2CS test, case presentations, demonstrations, extensive patient notes review, physical examinations, and several hours of practice with our professional SP's.

New York Dates 2015


1970 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, 3rd Fl

New York, NY 10026

For affordable stay, please call Harlem, YMCA, which is within walking distance. (We have no affiliations) or contact Chester   at 914-498-0219

Puerto Rico Dates 2015

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Universidad Central del Caribe

Ave. Laurel, Santa Juanita,

Bayamon, Puerto Rico, 00956

This is the exact same course that is taught in NYC, with the same team of MDs and Standardized Patients. Course is held in the UCC Medical School, in their modern OSCE facility.


Why Choose Us?

NYCSPREP empowers you with the skills you need to succeed in this test.

Experienced Faculty

Every course and review of patient notes is led by experienced MDs who are motivated to teach. Our OSCE rooms resemble the rooms in the testing centers.

SPs & Mock Test

Our standardized patients (SPs) are professional who will challenge you. Collectively, they have spent thousands of hours coaching students for the Step 2 CS exam, and they can provide detailed feedback for improvement

Practice before/after course

You can practice after the course at our OSCE center, and continue to get review of your patient notes until your test at no extra charge.

Medical School Affiliations

NYCSPREP is affiliated with several medical schools, and they know the value that NYCSPREP brings and trusts us to prepare their students for test day.

"Passed! Thank you for putting into perspective what was required of me to be successful. Everything I had learned from the course, ranging from notes writing to the physical examination, helped me tremendously on the test."

- Daffyd R Moore, MD

"Dr. K and Dr. Somas thanks for all your help! Most importantly, I'd like to thank you for helping me through a rough patch. Family is what you need and you get that at NYCSPREP, especially if you're prepping for CS. Major advantage is training with SP's!!"

-Rayne ZK, DO


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