Hire An SP

Our professional Standardized Patients are available to hire for individual practice sessions at our facility. Our SPs will provide feedback based on the extensive checklist that we have developed for each of their cases. You can use this as a guide to evaluate your preparedness for the exam.

Sessions include approximately two cases per hour for a minimum of two hours.

  • Timing: Mon-Sun 10AM-6PM
  • Venue: 1970 Adam Clayton Powell Jr, 3rd Floor NY, NY 10026
  • Once booked, all sessions are non-refundable and the dates are unchangeable unless notified three days prior to the dates selected. Email contact@nycsprep.com to inquire about availability.
  • Types of Sessions:
    • Center Based SP Session - $ 75 per hour.
    • Skype Based SP Session - $ 60 per Hour.

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