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Our Mission

Just passing Step 2 CK isn’t enough to be competitive and match into the residency program of your choice. With our 8 weeks of intensive live coaching, our mission is to make you not only pass the CK, but, to ace your exam.

This Is What Sets Us Apart

Our Live classes include:

  • Over 128 hours of live lectures provided by highly experienced faculty from a leading US Medical School
  • Learn high yield Step 2 CK concepts from experienced faculty
  • System based subject materials 
  • Master challenging topics.
  • Learn test-taking strategies and study tips that have worked for hundreds of students
  • Learn in small groups with experienced Tutors that know how to approach the exam
  • Pre & post-course Assessment exam- Qbank of High Yield commonly tested concepts.
  • Subject Examinations and Assessments to evaluate progress and reinforce knowledge.
  • One-on-One guidance including Study Strategy and Advising to ensure goals and accomplishments.
  • Learn in small groups with experienced Tutors with average scores of 245 and above, that know how to approach the exam.
  • STUDY STRATEGIES: participate in group sessions with other dedicated students
  • QBANK: Review vital concepts on question banks with our Tutors.
  • NOTES: You don't need to write, we will hand you a complete copy of our NYCSPREP High Yield CK notes of over 900 pages with charts, pictures to enhance learning and exam performance.


Study at our brand new facility in Manhattan, NY easily assessible by public transportation 

  • STUDY CENTER: enjoy safe, comfortable, quiet study room with free internet access and refreshments at our center during your course duration.
  • STUDY STRATEGIES: participate in group sessions with other dedicated students.
  • NYCSPREP CENTER: engage in an exceptional learning experience at our newly built state-of-the-art center in NYC.
Our facility is ideal for individual study and in groups with other students. Get the most value and the best prep time while studying in a well structured academic environment. We offer you a calm, conducive atmosphere for learning. You will have full access to our facility during training or extensions: study rooms with internet access, student lounge, rest rooms, break rooms, free coffee and microwave for students use etc.


We are committed to the lifelong professional development and academic success of all our students. 

NYCSPREP faculty is comprised of a group of well experienced MDs who have been teaching medical students and residents for over a decade.

Over the course of eight (8) weeks of intensive learning sessions, faculty will teach, evaluate and guide students based on individual performance and goals.

CK Live classes: Prices


  • Live instructions                                                 
    Copy of Lecture notes
    Continued faculty support
    Post-course assessment exam
    Faculty student advicing
    Qbank review sessions
    8 weeks live course
    Full access to study rooms during no class periods

We Make You
Our Priority

We support you to achieve your highest exam performance by enhancing your understanding of exam concepts and mastering the USMLE Step 2 CK content materials. 

We provide an extensive post-course Q Bank exam to simulate the real examination experience and to challenge you with commonly tested exam concepts.

We provide continued support to our students throughout the course and provide step-by-step guidance and a thorough review of the exam.

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