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NYCSPREP in Puerto Rico

NYCSPREP was initially invited by Medical Schools in PR to improve the USMLE Step 2 CS passing rates amongst its students. And starting from 2014, we can proudly claim that we had immense success in doing just this. 
We are greatful for the continued support that is provided to us by the School and hope, next time we are there again, students from both PR and non PR schools will benefit from this experience as well.  

This Is What Sets Us Apart

Schedule in Puerto Rico 

The course is structured similar to our NYC Program. 

  • Day1 & Day 2 are the exact same schedule. 
  • Day 3 & 4 are reserved for the Mock test. 
    (the group will be divided and assigned either
     one of the days to do their Mock.)  


The Team 

We bring our professional Standardized Patients, all from New York. These SPs have worked with us for more than 7 years, and are capable of giving phenomenal feedbacks for CS. And of course, our MDs. 


The venue is San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Caguas. It has great auditorium, and a brand new state of the art OSCE, where our Mock test is held. 

We Make You
Our Priority

We provide continued support to our students after the three day course workshop and review patient notes at no additional cost.

We provide an extensive mock exam to simulate the real examination experience.

We provide step-by-step guidance and a thorough review of the exam.

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