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Mistakes to Avoid when Studying for the USMLE Step 1

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Studying for the USMLE Step 1 can seem like one of the most daunting tasks of your life. However, when done properly, it can be very doable for both your mind and body. There are countless resources you can take advantages of, including preparatory courses, and even one-on-one tutoring. To achieve a high score, you will want to utilize many of these resources. The volume of material you are expected to learn is large for the USMLE Step 1.
Preparation requires a good study plan, a well made schedule, the right resources, and help from experienced mentors. The right combination of these elements will help you succeed. There are other tips and things to keep in mind that will help you during your studies for the exam. If you can, it is advised to find a good tutor or prep course to make sure you are on the right track from day one. This will help you take on the challenging board exam and succeed to the best of your abilities.

Below are a few mistakes to avoid when you are studying for the USMLE Step 1

Not getting enough rest Not resting or sleeping enough is detrimental to learning. When students are studying for their boards, it is often one of the things they forget to do though. Make sure you take breaks, and get enough sleep so that your retention is not affected negatively.

Not learning from your mistakes It’s going to happen; you are going to get questions wrong when you practice. But when you are getting frustrated because of your incorrect answers, it isn’t helping anyone. Pay attention to the areas where you are failing and give them some extra time during your next study session.

Trying to memorize facts only instead of actually understanding concepts Simply memorizing facts without attempting to understand the concepts that you are learning about will not help you get the best possible score. Learning lists of information like side effects or symptoms without learning how different aspects of disease relate to each other will not be as useful to you in the long run.

Enroll in an exam prep course Find a course that is right for you like the ones we offer at NYCSPREP and enroll! It’s that simple. Get a head start on success for your upcoming USMLE Step 1 and call us today for more info.

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