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Phlebotomy Technician
Pending approval
Anatomy and Physiology of Heart
Blood composition and Circulation
Drawing blood from patients or donors
Assembling equipment (such as needles, blood collection devices, gauze, and tourniquets)
Verifying and recording the identity of patients or donor
Effective communication with patients to decrease their fear of blood draws
Applying the tourniquet to arm, locating the vein, cleaning the area with disinfectant and inserting the needle into vein to draw blood into blood collection tubes
Labeling and storing blood container for processing
Conducting interviews, taking vital signs and testing blood samples for screening donors at the blood bank
Analyzing information and making appropriate decisions
EKG Technician
Pending approval
Introduction to Electrocardiography
EKG Machine, Equipment and Supplies
Medical Terminology
Anatomy of the Heart (Heart Structure)
Physiology of the Heart (Heart Functioning)
EKG leads and their placement on the patients
EKG interpretation
Identifying various types of abnormalities from EKG strip
EKG related tests overview (Holter Monitor, Stress Tests, etc.)
Medical billing & coding
Pending approval
Medical terminology, ICD-9-CM, and CPT coding concepts
Submitting documents to insurance companies
Handling day to day medical billing procedures
Completing medical insurance claim forms
Scheduling appointments
Explaining insurance benefits to patients
Submitting bills to insurance companies
Processing insurance claims
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