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Question based instruction, which is geared towards:

  • Addressing high yield concepts through questions, while understanding and applying the concepts to the question
  • Covering 30 UW questions daily
  • Thorough question review, in which each student is given the opportunity to uncover and digest content

What is unique to this program?

  • Focus on high yield concepts from:
    • Biostatistics
    • Risk factors & prognosis
    • Clinical Case Simulation

What sets this program apart?

  • Medical schools refer students to this program
  • Course can be repeated once for free (following attempts subject to charges)
  • NBME Shelf Subject Exam coupons provided to be used in the center, with performances reviewed every 15 days
  • Highly competent and accomplished teachers provide a kind, caring, and nurturing environment
  • The center is open from 9 AM to 10 PM, in which students can use the facility to read, practice, and dialogue with others. The facility has extensive functional features including; a cafeteria, a library and study hall, a computer lab, practice rooms for SP session, and classrooms.

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