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practice What Sets Us Apart


You will get to do an average of 2 cases per hour and our SPs will be able to provide you with a feedback on your CIS and SEP performance. All the cases are specifically designed by NYCSPREP faculty to mimic the CS test.
  • Safe & Controlled Environment

    You will be able to practice dealing with various medical scenarios in an environment that you are comfortable in.

  • Exposure to Challenges

    You will encounter a wide range of patient situations, preparing you to get you ready to handle all types of patient interactions.

  • Self-Confidence

    Your self-confidence will improve helping you get over initial awkwardness, fear, and confusion caused in dealing with professional Standardized patients.

  • Interpersonal Skills

    Learning and developing your interpersonal skills with our SPs will help you to show empathy to your patients.

  • Spoken English Proficiency

    Assess your SEP with our SPs.

About the Program

Coordinated through NYCSPREP Office of Medical Education (OMED), the Standardized Patient Program is dedicated to providing medical students an opportunity to interact with our professional SPs. Our SPs have years of experience of evaluating your CIS and SEP skills and have been instrumental in getting our students Stars in their CIS and SEP.

Center Based SP

You can hire an SP to practice with at our state of the art NYCSPREP OSCE center located in Upper West Side in New Your City.

Skype Based SP Sessions

Or you can hire and work with our SPs from anywhere in the world via Skype. Our SPs are experienced at working with you via Skype and will be able to guide and access you, just as they would if you were at our center. PE can be done with another person or a pillow and our SP will be able to assess it.

Excel Pricing

Choose Your Package

Standardized Patient

  • 2 hours minimum one-on-one sessions with professional SPs
  • Choose to do an in-person session at our state-of-the-art OSCE center or via Skype
  • Unique NYCSPREP case encounters to best prepare you for test day
  • Feedback and guidance on how to perfect encounters with SPs
  • Strategies on how to impress SPs and excel in all sections of the test that are graded by SPs

$75 per hour


Individuals who are specially trained to act as patients for the instruction, practice, and assessment of medical examination skills of students, residents, fellows and other healthcare providers are known as standardized patients or SPs. They are an important resource for evaluating and teaching clinical skills which include:

  • Taking History
  • Communication
  • Physical Examination
  • Patient Counseling
  • Patient Education

Our SPs are professionals who have worked with NYCSPREP for several years and are amongst the best in the industry. They are trained on particular cases and their training may also include role-playing, watching case videos and learning how to provide written or verbal feedback to the students.

Yes. Standardized patients get to review the cases before they are assigned and are never asked to participate in situations which may make them uncomfortable. The physical examinations are basic and designed in a way that no harm is caused to the standardized patient.

Yes, the students do know that the SPs are not real patients. Students are instructed to behave just as they would with real patients during the entire course of the encounter and examination.

We moved to new location: 2116 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, 3rd Floor, NY, 10026

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